Selected Learning Outcomes for Primary 6 Math Papers (2014)

A pattern in a box shows part of a tessellation. Students are expected to be able to shade a unit shape of the tessellation and extend the tessellation by drawing two more unit shapes in the space provided in the box.

There were some pies for sale in a pastry shop. A quarter of the pastries were pies.† The pastry chef then baked an equal number of pies. Pupils should be able to determine whether the percentage of cakes will increase, decrease or remain the same. They are to calculate the percentage of cakes in among the pastries.

Students are shown a picture of a rectangular solid and are asked to name the shape.† They are supposed to be able to complete the net of the solid on a piece of graph paper.

Mr. and Mrs. Charlie went on an excursion trip with their 6 children.† An average amount of a given number of dollars was spent by each adult while an average amount of another given number of dollars was spent on each child. Pupils are required to find out the average amount spent on each person.

Mrs. Dave has some sweets for pupils in the Math Club. If she gives each pupil 2 sweets, she will have 3 sweets left.† If she gives each pupil 3 sweets, she will need 42 more sweets.† Pupils should demonstrate ability to calculate the number of sweets she has.

A figure shows 3 triangles overlapping one another. The overlapped area is shaded. The ratio of the area of Triangle A to the ratio of Triangle B to the area of Triangle C is 1:2:3.† One fifth of Triangle A is shaded. Pupils are required to find out the fraction of the unshaded figure.

At first, Frankie had a fraction of the number of cards George had. Then George gave Frankie 70 cards and both had the same number of cards.† Pupils are supposed to find how many fewer cards Frankie has than Gary at first and the total number of cards altogether.

A table shows Mrs. Lesterís expenditure on groceries and transportation from January to May in a year. Students are to find out the month in which the expenditure of groceries was 150% of that in May and the percentage increase/decrease in expenditure from March to April.

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