Selected Learning Outcomes for Primary 5 Math Papers (2014)

Annie bought 16 pens at 4 for $2. She then had $10 left. Students are required to find out the amount of money she had at first.

There were a total of certain number of apples and oranges in a basket. There were 4 times as many apples as oranges. After some apples were removed, there were an equal number of oranges and apples left. Pupils are supposed to be able to calculate the number of apples removed from the basket.

David attempted all the 60 questions in a quiz and scored 196 marks. 5 marks were awarded for each correct answer but 2 marks were deducted for each wrong answer. Students are required to determine the number of questions that David answered incorrectly.

Amy sold 168 cupcakes on Monday. She sold a given fraction of the remainder on Tuesday and had half of her cupcakes left. Pupils should demonstrate ability to find out the number of cupcakes she sold altogether.

If Rosie gave 7 picture cards to each of her friends, she would have 4 cards left. If she gave 8 picture cards, she would be short of 2 cards. Students are required to find out how many cards she had.

A certain fraction of Dianaís savings is equal to another given fraction of her sisterís savings. The difference in the amount of their savings is $171. Students are to determine the total amount of savings Diana and her sister have.

There were 540 adults and some children at a funfair. A total of 6120 packets of sweets were given away. Each child received 5 packets of sweets and each adult received 3 packets of sweets. Pupils are to find out the number of children there; and the fraction of the people that were children.

Ivan receives $12 more than Simon for their weekly allowances. Every week, each boy spends $60 and saves the rest of their allowances. After a few weeks, Ivanís savings was $224 and Simonís savings was $140. Students should be able to find out the number of weeks Ivan took to save $224 and Simonís weekly allowance.

A figure is made up of 4 identical squares. It is shaded with 2 triangles. Pupils are to find out the fraction of the figure that is shaded and the shaded are, given that the perimeter of the figure is 80cm.

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