Selected Learning Outcomes for Primary 4 Science Papers (2014)

Lynn placed a bar magnet above a steel paper clip tied to a weight by a string. The magnet pulled the paper clip up. She measured d1, the distance between the bar magnet and the paper clip. She then slowly moved the bar magnet away from the paper clip until the paper clip dropped.  The students are asked which graph shows the relationship between the strength of the magnetic force exerted on the paper clip and d1. Students can choose among the four graphs given which are contant strength, diminishing strength, increasing strength and bathtub curve.

A given diagram shows three animals namely horse, bird and fish.  Students are required to draw lines to match the animals to the correct groups which are mammal, insect, bird and fish.

A given diagram shows a bottle of milk. Students are expected to be able to state if the cover and the milk is solid, liquid or gas.

A given diagram shows how Mary sees the ball. Students are supposed to be able to fill in the blank. The (         )  from the lamp is (      ) by the ball and enters Mary’s eye.

Jane used an instrument to measure the temperature of water in a glass. Pupils are to name the instrument used and to read the temperature of the water in the glass.

Susan places a magnet near an iron rod. The iron rod moves towards the magnet. Students are to answer what is exerted by the magnet on the iron rod and what type of material is iron.

A given diagram shows plant A and B. Plant A twines around a wooden pole while plant B stands upright. Students should be able to spot two differences between the two plants.

Max set up an experiment as shown in given diagram. He placed the different  set-ups A, B, C and D in different locations at different temperatures. At the end of the experiment, it was observed that the seeds grew into seedlings in some set-ups but not in others. All set-ups have damp cotton wool with seed but B and D were put in the dark while A and C were under light. A and D were in temperature of 4 degrees C while B and C were at 30 degrees C. Students are to analyse the set-ups and conclude in which set-up A, B, C or D the seedlings will germinate and to state what Max was trying to find out when he compared set-ups A and D then A and C.

Ani carried out a scratch test on similar sized materials X, Y and Z. She used material X to scratch on Y and Z and noted the number of scratch marks made. She then repeated the experiment using Z. The results of her experiment are shown in a given table. The table shows one scratch mark on material Y made by material X, two scratch marks on X by Z and four scratch marks on Y by Z. Based on the results above, students have to determine and explain whether material X or Z is harder. They are also required to arrange materials X, Y and Z according to their hardness.

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