Selected Learning Outcomes for Primary 4 Math Papers (2014)

Richard has 5 times as much pocket money as Linda. Linda has $8 less than Richard. Students are required to find the amount of money that Richard has and the amount they have altogether.

Maggie is thrice the age of her son. She is 36 years old now. Students are supposed to find the age of her son and their total age in 2 years’ time.

Andrew had twice as many stamps as Dawn. After Andrew had given Dawn 78 stamps, they had an equal number of stamps each.  Students are to find out the number of stamps they have in total.

Jennifer has 180 blue and red beads in a box. She has five times as many blue beads as red beads.  Students are to find the number of blue beads she has and how many more red beads she should buy so that she has half as many red beads as blue beads.

A farmer planted 13 trees in a row. Each tree is 3 m away from the other.  Pupils are to find out the total distance from the first tree to the last tree.

Nick bought 4 ties and 2 shirts. A shirt costs as much as 3 ties. Nick spent $160. Students should be able to find out the total cost of one shirt and one tie.

A figure is made up of two identical squares that are overlapped. The overlapped area is shaded and the total area of the figure is 147 cm2.  Students are to find out the area of the shaded part.

There are 39 cars and bicycles. There are a total of 122 wheels.  Students are required to calculate the number of bicycles there.

Mrs. Colin bought some tarts at a charity event and gave a certain fraction of them to her friends. She ate half of the remainder and had 6 tarts left. Pupils are supposed to determine the number of tarts she bought at first.

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