Selected Learning Outcomes for Primary 3 Science Papers (2014)

Some groups of animals are given in given diagram. The animals groups given are birds, mammals, fish and insects. Using the animal groups given, students are to write down the correct animal group beside their characteristics in a given table. The characteristics are: have scales in the outer-body covering; have a pair of wings and 2 legs; suckle their young and have hair on their skin; have a pair of feelers.

Lucy conducted an experiment to test the rate of mould growth on 4 slices of bread as shown in the given diagram. She put each of them in a sealed plastic bag containing some cotton wool. All the slices of bread were left at the same place for a few weeks. Each slice of bread was exposed to different conditions as shown in the given table. The four conditions that bread slices A, B, C and D were subjected to were the 4 combinations of toasted/not toasted and dry/wet cotton. Students are asked which slice of bread would have the least amount of mould growing on it. Students also are required to answer the other 3 questions. What is the purpose of toasting the bread? Which group of living things does bread mould belong to? How does bread mould reproduce?

Grace conducted an experiment to determine the material of each strip. The materials used in the experiment are glass, rubber and iron. She fastened a wooden block to each strip. The wooden blocks used are of the same length and mass. Strip C became longer but there was no change to the length of Strip A and B. Students are to circle the property of Strip C that enables it to become longer. The 3 options are hard, stretchable or strong. They are to select the material that Strip C is made of: glass, rubber or iron.  The properties of Strip A and Strip B are given in a table. Students are to identify the material of Strip A and B, given the properties are transparent and breaks easily or hard, strong and shiny. Students are also expected t select out of the 3 materials, the one which can be used to make the windscreen of a car. Explanation is required.

Huilin wants to make a schoolbag for her 7-year-old brother and her mother gave her some materials. A table given contains some information about the materials given. The properties in the table are light, strong and/or waterproof.  Out of the 4 materials given, students have to decide which is the best material for making a schoolbag. Based on the given table, students are to describe material C and differentiate between Material A and D. Mrs. Lim was carrying a bag of canned food that she had bought from the supermarket. As she was walking home, the bag broke.  Using the information given in the table, students are to identify which material A, B, C or D the bag is most likely made of.

A given table provides information on 4 plants A, B, C and D. Students are expected to study the information and complete the given chart with plants A, B, C and D. 


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