Selected Learning Outcomes for Primary 3 Math Papers (2014)

Billy ended his soccer training at 3 pm. The duration of his training was a certain number of minutes. Pupils should be able to determine what time he started his training.

Mr Lawrence had 7 boxes of oranges. Each box contained 20 oranges. After selling half of the oranges, he packed the rest of them into bags of 5. Pupils are expected to be able to derive the number of bags he got.

Alex keeps an equal number of $2-notes and $5-notes in a savings box. He has a total of a specified number of dollars. Students should be able to find out how many $2-notes there are.

At the zoo, a given fraction of the visitors were children and the rest were adults. There were 190 more children than adults. The students are required to calculate the number of visitors at the zoo altogether.

3 years ago, the total age of Alan and James was 98 years old. Alan is 12 years older than James. Students are supposed to find out the age of James.

Yesterday, Thomas cycled a certain number of rounds around the park, covering a total distance of a certain number of km. Today he decided to cycle 2 extra rounds. Pupils should know how to determine the distance he cycled today.

Edwin, Alex and Lisa have a certain number of stickers altogether. Alex has thrice as many stickers as Edwin. Lisa has 2 stickers less than Edwin. Pupils are required to find out the number of stickers Lisa has.

Melody has a certain number of stamps more than Alex. Students should determine how many stamps Melody must give to Alex so that Melody will have a certain number of stamps more than him.

There are 10 poles placed at equal distances along a road. The distance between every two poles is a certain number of metres. Students should demonstrate the ability to calculate the distance between the 2nd and 9th poles.

A figure is made up of 3 identical rectangular tiles. Students are to determine the perimeter of 1 tile.

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