Sample Passages of Primary 3 English Papers (2014)

Grammar Cloze 1
How to make a ‘lady bug’

        First paint one paper plate black and the other red. Next cut the red paper plate into half after the paper plates are painted and allowed to dry. Each semi-circle is a ‘wing’.
        Punch out small circles from a black paper. After that paste the circles on each red ‘wing’. Place the ‘wings’ on top of the black paper plate and glue only one end of each ‘wing’. From the remaining black paper, cut one big circle for the head. Then draw the eyes. Finally, when you have carried out all the above steps, paste the eyes on the underside of the paper plate. Your ‘lady bug’ is ready!

Grammar Cloze 2
A Visit to Planet Sting

        Today, I met an unusual creature on Planet Sting. At first, my fellow astronauts and I were shocked and frightened. Surprisingly, it went up to Candy and gave her a purple rock. Then we realised that we were surrounded by these creatures. They were smiling at us. Suddenly, all of them started giving us some rocks. One of them even gave me a big hug. I was really caught by surprise!
        The creatures spoke a strange language that none of us could understand. Before long, it was time to head back to our spaceship.

Comprehenshion - Open-ended
        A jellyfish has a soft body and long, stinging, poisonous tentacles that it uses to catch fish. Not all jellyfish are deadly but the dangerous ones, like the Box Jellyfish, can kill a person within three minutes.
        The jellyfish is a strange creature. Its body looks like an inverted transparent bowl or bell. It has no nose or tongue but special cells all over its body that smell and taste. It has no eyes but light-sensitive organs around the side of its body that allow it to tell light from dark.
        The jellyfish has touch receptors on its tentacles and around its mouth. These receptors detect vibrations in the water caused by the movement of fish, crabs and other creatures swimming by that could be harmful to it.
        The jelly fish eats small animals such as shrimp and other creatures that are too small to be seen with the human eye. Sea turtles, sunfish and the arrow crab have been known to eat jellyfish.

Vocabulary Cloze

        It was a stormy night. A Chinese fisherman was out at sea, hoping to catch some fish. Suddenly, a huge wave threw him off his boat. He prayed for a miracle. Just when he thought all hopes were gone, a big turtle emerged from the waters and rescued him to an island. The Chinese fisherman made this island his new home.
        It was another stormy night again. The Chinese fisherman was mending his net when he heard a loud cry for help from a distance. He saw the big turtle again and it rescued a Malay fisherman to the island. The two fishermen were very grateful to the big turtle.
        To thank this big turtle, they built a Malay shrine, a Chinese temple and a huge turtle sculpture on the island called Kusu Island. It is also known as Turtle Island.

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