Selected Learning Outcomes for Primary 2 Math Papers (2014)

A factory has a certain number of female workers and another number of male workers. Pupils are to find out the total number of workers the factory has.

Building A is a certain number of metres all and building B is a certain number of metres shorter. Pupils are to compute the height of building B.

Simon wants to buy some apples. The apples are selling at 3 for $5. Pupils are to calculate how many apples he can buy with $15.

Jane bought a pair of jeans for certain number of dollars. She gave the cashier 2 fifty-dollar notes. Pupils are to find out how much change she received.

A half-filled tank can hold certain number of litres of water. A pail can hold 5 litres of water. Pupils are to compute the number of pails of water required to fill up the whole tank.

The total mass of a bucket and two toy cars is a certain number of grams. The mass of each toy car is a given number of grams. Students are expected to find out the mass of the bucket.

Richardís mother bought a pizza and cut it into certain number of slices. Richard ate a fraction of it while his sister ate another given fraction of the pizza. Pupils should be able to find out the fraction of the pizza left.

There were 4 mangoes in each box. Mr Lawrence bought 3 boxes of mangoes. Mr Kevin bought 6 boxes of mangoes. Pupils are to find out the number of mangoes they bought altogether.

Mrs George owns a floral shop. A picture shows the sunflower, rose and lily flowers that she sold in a week. Pupils are to study the graph and find out how many flowers Mrs George sold in a week.

There are 2 trees in between 2 lamp posts. Students are to draw more trees and lamp post and answer how many trees there are if there are 6 lamp posts.

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