Sample Passages of Primary 2 English Papers (2014)

Vocabulary Cloze

        Minah’s dream about picking seashells
Minah had a strange dream. She dreamt that she was picking seashells on the beach. Suddenly, a monster appeared in front of her. It had long sharp claws. 
        Minah cried for help and started to run away. The monster chased her. She tripped and fell hard on the sand. As the monster was about to catch her, she uttered a loud scream and woke up to find herself in bed. She was glad it was just a dream.

Comprehension Passage

        Laura and Tom were at the bus stop. While waiting for the bus to arrive, they decided to read a book. 
        A few minutes later, they heard the mewing of a kitten. The sound was coming from a nearby drain. Both Laura and Tom stopped reading. They decided to take a look. They saw an injured kitten. Laura wrapped the kitten with a towel which she had in her bag. The children decided to take it home with them.
        When they reached home, they showed their mother the injured kitten. Mother cleaned its wound and bandaged its injured leg. Tom and Laura fed it milk and took care of the kitten.
        Before the week was over, the kitten had fully recovered.

Vocabulary Cloze

        Last Saturday, my classmate invited me to her birthday party. It was held in a large room. The room was beautifully decorated with bright orange and lime green fairy lights. Her guests included her relatives and friends. 
        Everyone sang her a birthday song happily while she blew out the eight candles on her cake. Each guest ate a slice of the delicious cake. After eating the cake, the children played all kinds of interesting games.
        I enjoyed myself very much at the gathering.

Open-ended Comprehension Passage

        One warm afternoon, Mrs. Siva wanted to make some cold drinks for her family. She asked her son, Kumar, to go to the nearby shop to buy a big pack of ice.
        On his way back from the shop, Kumar spotted a newly built playground in his neighbourhood. He saw many children playing on the slides, swings and merry-go-round. They were having a wonderful time.
        Kumar told himself that he would stay for only a short while. He put the plastic bag full of ice on a bench and joined the other children. However, he began to enjoy himself so much that he soon forgot about everything else.
        When Kumar finally decided that he was ready to go home, he was surprised to find that the bag of ice was no longer on the bench. Instead, there was a bag of water. Kumar said that someone had stolen his ice and that the person took his ice and left some water in the plastic bag.


What did Mrs. Siva ask Kumar to buy?
Mrs. Siva asked Kumar to buy a big packet of ice.

When did Kumar see the playground?
Kumar saw the playground on his way back to the shop.

Why was Kumar at the playground for a long time?
He was enjoying himself.

What happened to the bag of ice?
The bag of ice melted.

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