Selected Learning Outcomes for Primary 1 Math Papers (2014)

Pupils are shown twelve balls arranged in two rows. They are required to count the number and write it down in words.

A picture shows nineteen snowmen. Pupils are to count the number and write it down in tens and ones.

5 penguins with different heights are shown. Pupils should be able to circle the tallest penguin.

4 numbers between 10 and 20 are shown. Pupils are asked to arrange them beginning from the greatest to the smallest.

Four kettles with different numbers are shown. Pupils are to colour the kettle which shows a number smaller than 19 but bigger than 15.

Two rectangles are shown with pins lined up along the length of the rectangles. Each pin stands for 1 unit. Students are to count the total length of Rectangle A and Rectangle B in terms of the number of pins.

Michael and John have 14 erasers altogether. Michael has 4 erasers. Pupils should show working to calculate the number of erasers that John has.

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