Sample Passages of Primary 1 English Papers (2014)

Cloze Passage

        Lisa always goes to the library during the school holidays. As it is quite far away, she has to take a bus there. There are many books in the library. Once she has chosen the books, she will sit at a table and read them. She likes to go there because it is air-conditioned. The people in the library keep very quiet so that they do not disturb anyone.

Comprehension (Open-ended)

        Alan is an animal lover. He works in the zoo as a zookeeper. Every day, he works from eight o’clock in the morning to six o’clock in the evening. He takes care of the monkeys in the zoo. He also bathes them once a day.
        When he is free, he trains the monkeys to perform some tricks. The monkeys enjoy performing the tricks. When the monkeys are good, Alan usually rewards them with some food. The monkeys love bananas, papayas, mangoes and apples.
        Alan treats the monkey well. They like him very much. Alan also enjoys working with them.

What is Alan’s occupation?
He is a zookeeper.

At what time does Alan start work in the morning?
Alan starts work at eight o’clock in the morning.

What does Alan do when he is free?
Alan trains the monkeys to perform some tricks.

Name three fruits that monkeys love.
The three fruits are bananas, papayas and apples.

Why do you think Alan wants to work in the zoo?
He is an animal lover.

Comprehension Pasage 2

        It is Saturday afternoon. Ahmad wants to have cookies for tea. He is helping his mother to bake some cookies. The cookies are small and round. As Ahmad loves to eat read cherries, he puts some on top of each cookie. Then he puts the cookies into the oven to bake them. Ahmad has to wait for an hour. He takes the cookies out when they are ready. The cookies are as hard as stones! They cannot be eaten. Oh, how sad!


A zebra has stripes on its body.
Mrs. Wong bought a loaf of bread to make sandwiches.
We will travel to Malaysia in an aeroplane.
I helped my mother to push the trolley when we were shopping at the supermarket.
The elephant has a long trunk.
The baby kangaroo is very tiny and lives in its mother’s pouch.
Potatoes, tomatoes and cucumbers are vegetables.
Betty rides her bicycle at the park every Sunday.
The peacock has a very beautiful tail.
My father wants to read the news. He buys the newspaper.


Jean brushes her teeth after every meal.
Peter and Tom are in the same class this year.
Dr. Tan and his wife are vets. They treat sick animals.
Where is my pencil? I cannot find it.
Cindy puts a piece of ham between two slices of bread.
A monitor lizard has scales on its body.
A mouse is smaller than an elephant.
The pupils placed the books on that table over there.
Mrs. Lee is going to cook chicken rice tonight.
The fish are swimming in the pond.


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