Selected Learning Outcomes for Primary 5 Math Papers (2013)

Jack’s parents are of the same age. Jack is 29 years younger than his mother. The total age of Jack and his parents is 100 years. Students should be able to calculate the age of Jack.

Students are required to draw a triangle ABC in which AB = 5 cm and angle BAC = 75 degrees. The line AC has been drawn in the given space.

Karl and his brother had some savings in the ration 5:8. Karl spent three fifths of his savings and his brother spent three quarters of his savings. Pupils are expected to calculate the ratio of Karl’s spending to his brother’s spending and give the answer in the simplest form.

Ken bought an equal number of shirts and belts for $363.20. Each belt cost $39.90 and each shirt cost $11 more than each belt.  Students are to compute the number of belts he bought.

The ratio of the number of boys to the number of girls in a canteen was 2:3 at first. After 49 boys left the canteen, the ratio became 1:5.  Students are to find how many more girls than boys remained in the canteen in the field.

The average marks of Alan and Bella were 77. The average marks of Bella and Cathy were 84. The average marks of Alan and Cathy were 80. Students are required to find Alan’s marks.

Roy had a piece of rope 40.8 metre long. He cut 6 pieces each measuring 3.6 metres long from the original piece. The remainder was used to form a rectangle of length 5.4 metres. Pupils are to find the area of the rectangle, rounded off to one decimal place.

A given figure, not drawn to scale, is made up of a square and a triangle which overlaps each other.  One quarter of the square and two seventh of the triangle are shaded.  Students should be able to find the area of the unshaded part if the area of the shaded part is 24 cm square.

James had 780 stamps in his collection. 40% of them were from Singapore. 25% of the remainder was from Malaysia and the rest were from China. Students are required to find how many stamps were from China.

The usual price of an iPad was $850. During a sale, Ahmad bought it at a discount of 20%. Students are to compute the discounted price of the iPad and the total cost when GST of 7% is added.

60% of the pupils who attended the first day of a school holiday camp were boys. On the second day, the percentage of boys who attended increased by 20% but the percentage of girls who attended decreased by 10%. As a result, there were 24 more pupils on the second day than the first day. Students should demonstrate ability to calculate how many pupils attended the camp on the second day.

Tom and Jerry had 1640 stamps at first. After giving away some stamps to their classmates, Tom had 4 times the number of stamps he gave away and Jerry had 3 times the number of stamps he gave away. They had a total of 1280 stamps left. Students are to find how many stamps Tom had at first.



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