Selected Learning Outcomes for Primary 4 Science Papers (2013)

Harry conducted an experiment on plants. He prepared two similar potted plants as shown in the given diagram. He covered all the leaves of Plant A with black paper on both surfaces. For one week, both plants, A and B, were placed under the sun and given the same amount of water each day. The growth of the plants was observed. After one week, Plant B survived while Plant A died. Students are supposed to be able to write down the change variable in Harry’s experiment. Besides the 2 similar plants, students also have to write down another 2 important variables that Harry has kept constant to ensure that his experiment is fair. Lastly students have to state the aim of Harry’s experiment.

Darren covered the mouth of three identical bottles with identical balloons. He then placed the bottles into three identical containers filled with the same amount of water but different temperatures. A given diagram  shows what Darren’s experiment looks like at the star of the experiment. After 2 minutes, Darren noticed that the sizes of the 3 balloons were different.  Students are expected to analyse and arrange the final sizes of the balloons in descending order,  and explain the choice of the biggest balloon.  The learners are asked to explain with reason what would happen if the amount of water in the 3 basins is not equal.

Fandi’s diary is shown in a given table. It shows the problem encountered during period second of August to 31st of August. The problems encountered are sneezing repeatedly, diarrhea, breathing difficulties, heart pounding, arms aching and broken wrist. Students are asked which systems in Fandi’s body were affected in each of the problems mentioned and write the name of the respective systems in a new table.

Fiona made a temporary magnet by stroking across a piece of iron bar, XY with 2 bar magnets. She stroked the iron bar XY in the directions as shown by the arrows in the given diagram. Next, she brought the piece of iron bar XY near the following objects in the directions as shown. The objects are aluminium foil, steel bar, magnet P and magnet Q. Students are should be able to use the terms ‘did not move’, ‘move towards XY’ and ‘move away from XY’ to describe Fiona’s observations of the 4 objects when iron bar XY was brought near them. They are to suggest 2 methods to make iron bar XY lose its magnetism.

Shawn used three identical sheets of different materials, J, K and L and placed them in a straight line. There was a triangular-shaped cut in the middle of sheet J. When the torch was shone on sheet J, a bright triangular-shaped patch of light appeared on sheet L.  Students are required to describe the observation on sheet L if sheets K and J were swapped and sheet K was placed in front of sheet J instead. In a given table students are to state whether the 3 sheets J, K and L are made of ‘transparent’, ‘translucent’, or ‘opaque’ materials.

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