Selected Learning Outcomes for Primary 4 Math Papers (2013)

A given figure shows two clocks showing the same time but the second hand in Clock A is missing. Students should be able to draw the missing second hand in Clock A showing the time which is 18 seconds earlier than Clock B.

Fariday has a mass of 23.4 kg. She is 6.75 kg heavier than her brother. Pupils are to find out her brotherís mass and to round off the answer to the nearest tenth.

Li Ling has fewer than 20 sweets. If she packs them into bags of 6 sweets each, she will have 5 extra sweets. If she packs them into bags of 5 sweets each, she will need another 3 sweets. Students have to find out how many sweets Li Ling has.

A given table shows a pattern made up of dots arranged in rows and columns. Students are to draw the arrangement of dots for Pattern 3 in the box and to which pattern has 72 dots if the same arrangement continues.

A given diagram shows an array of 4 by 5 identical rectangular blocks with random chequered pattern.† Pupils are to find how many blocks must be shaded so that three fifths of the diagram is shaded.

Mr. Ong bought 35 boxes of pencils. Each box contained 12 pencils. He repacked all the pencils into packets of 8. Students are to compute the number of pencils Mr. Ong bought altogether and the number were left unpacked.

Linda folded a rectangular piece of paper along the dotted line as shown in given diagram. The diagram shows shows the paper before folding and also the paper folded along the diagonal. Students are to find the angle of b.

Ms. Wong likes a neat garden. She plants some flowering plants in a row. The plants are an equal distance apart. The first plant is 0.72 m from the fourth plant. Students should show how to calculate the distance between the third and tenth plant.

After spending one third of his money on a shirt and $15 on food, Ravi had five twelfth of his money left. The learner has to find out how much Ravi had at first and draw with labelling a model as part of the solution.

Dr. Ho had to travel from Singapore to Malacca for work. He booked a ticket for the bus that was scheduled to leave at 12:35. However, the bus only left at 13:20.† The pupil has to answer two questions. How much later than the scheduled time did the bus leave? If the journey took 3 h 20 min, at what time did Dr. Ho reach Malacca?

Bruce and Charles had an equal amount of money. Bruce spent one third of his money on some books while Charles spent half of his money on some DVDs. If Charles spent $27 more than Bruce, the student has to determine how much Bruce spent.

Granny Smith bought a white rectangular towel with two identical wavy grey strips as shown in a given diagram which show two way strips along the two sides of the towel. Each wavy strip has a width of 3 cm as shown in the diagram above. The learner is required to show how to find the area of the white part of the towel.

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