Selected Learning Outcomes for Primary 3 Math Papers (2013)

A ribbon is a given number of cm long. It is cut equally into 5 pieces. Lucy used 2 of the pieces to tie her hair.  Students are to find out the total length of the ribbon that Lucy used.

A lecture theatre has a certain number of seats in each row. A group of given number of pupils occupied the first specified rows of seats. Students are to show the ability to compute the number of seats in the first nine rows that were unoccupied by the pupils.

A baker baked a certain number of muffins. A fraction of the muffins were sold. Students are to find out how many muffins were left unsold.

Raymond has a given number of dollars less than John. Daniel has a specified number of dollars less than Raymond. They have a certain number of dollars altogether. Students are to find out how much money Raymond has.

Alex is certain number of years old. His father will be five times as old as he is in two years’ time. Students have to find out how old his father is now.

There is a total of a given number of hamsters and chicks. Together, they have a specified number of legs. Students are supposed to find how many hamsters and how many chicks there are.

A figure shows Patterns 1, 2, 4, 5 pyramids with base and height of 1, 2, 4, 5 triangles. Students are to draw out Pattern 3 and to deduce how many triangles there are in Pattern 8.

Simon had a given number of dollars. He spent a fraction of his money and gave a given number of dollars to his brother. Students are to determine how much money he had left.

Twenty poles are planted along a road at equal distances. The distance between the first pole and the sixth pole is a certain number of metres. Students are expected to be able to derive the distance between the sixth pole and the last pole.

A figure is made up of 2 identical rectangles and a square. Students are to find the perimeter of the shaded square and rectangle.

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