Sample Passages of Primary 3 English Papers (2013)


Question tags such as “do you - don’t you” serve to confirm if that is what the other person meant. The word ‘incessantly’ means constantly. The phrase ‘as white as snow’ is the accepted comparison even though ice is just as white.





  • “You do know how to go home on your own, don’t you?” Mr. Tan asked Joey.
  • Larry was writing a letter to his pen pal when the doorbell rang.
  • Don heard a roaring sound and saw the jet plane fly over his house.
  • Doreen and her sister were proud of themselves for completing the 500-piece jigsaw puzzle without help from anyone.


  • I know your parents are attending the Meet-the-Parents’ Session, but you have not submitted the reply slip, have you?
  • To her surprise, Hilda found that she was sitting on the grass in front of an old wooden house!
  • Kenji has completed all his homework, so he is allowed to go to the playground.
  • John and Mary helped themselves to the scrumptious spread on the buffet table.


  • The passers-by did not offer to help the little boy who was lost in the shopping mall.
  • The trained moved through the tunnel at top speed and came to a halt.
  • Mother instructed John to take the dog out for a walk by himself.
  • Billy did not want to be late for school so he ran as fast as his legs could carry him.
  • I was doing my homework when I heard my baby brother crying.
  • The equipment is too heavy for Charles to shift to the back of the room. He will need some help.
  • The scouts asked their teacher where a suitable place to pitch the tent would be.
  • You hardly take public transport, do you?  You drive wherever you go.





  • The witness was reminded to tell the truth when he testified in court.
  • Jean’s sister wore a beautiful wedding gown that was as white as snow.
  • Mother watched her children closely as they played in the baby pool.
  • The spy paid a large sum of money to obtain the secret information.
  • Our family has decided to check out the new restaurant this weekend and have dinner there.
  • The white-bellied heron, an endangered bird, is losing its habitat as the river and its banks are becoming polluted.


  • When the lift suddenly stopped moving, my father pressed the alarm button incessantly.
  • As they were unhappy with their monitor for being unfair, the students went to their form teacher to complain.
  • The Head Prefect squealed  in delight when she was told she would present a souvenir to Princess Catherine.
  • On Teachers’ Day every year, students show appreciation to their teachers by showering them with gifts and cards.
  • It was unclear how the two men could have sneaked into the MRT depot to splash paint on the trains as the whole place was tightly guarded.
  • The waitress showed us the menu which gave us a list of the flavours available at the ice-cream parlour.

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