Selected Learning Outcomes for Primary 2 Math Papers (2013)

A certain number of crayons were shared equally among a given number of boys. Students are supposed to calculate how many crayons each boy got.

Mother baked a certain number of chocolate muffins. She baked two times as many blueberry muffins. Students are required to compute how many blueberry muffins she baked.

The total mass of James and Richard is a certain number of kg. Richardís mass is a certain kg. Students are to find out what Jamesí mass is.

A certain number of boys are in a queue. Kenny is in front of Louis. Michael is behind Louis. Kenny is behind John. Students are to find out with working, the person who is first in the queue.

Mrs. Nelson had a packet of erasers. She gave a certain number of erasers to her pupils and bought a given number more. After this, she had a specified number of erasers left. Students are to find out how many erasers Mrs. Nelson had† at first.

Miss Lisa bought a bag for a certain number of dollars. She gave the cashier a given number of dollars and received the change in five-dollar notes. Students are required to find out how many five-dollar notes she received.

A chart shows the distances between the Supermarket, Post Office and Marilynís house. On Monday, Marilyn walked from her house to the Supermarket and then to the Post Office. On Tuesday, Marilyn took a shorter path to the Post Office. Students are supposed to be able to find how many more metres she walked on Monday than on Tuesday.

A diagram shows T-shirt, skirt, bag, watch and shoes and their prices. Julia had a certain number of dollars. She bought two items and had a certain number of dollars left. Students are expected to find out which two items she bought.

There are certain number of cats and birds at a pet shop. There are a given number of legs altogether. Students should show ability to determine how many cats there are.

Mr. Larry has a rod that is a certain cm long. He cuts the rod into four equal pieces. Students are expect to find the length of one piece of rod and the number of cuts he made in order to get the four equal pieces.

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