Sample Passages of Primary 2 English Papers (2013)



Though patient is a person the relative pronoun used here is ‘which patient’ as it identifies the specific patient. First conditional is for situations that are very likely to happen. Present tense is used for the condition and future tense for the consequence.

Pupils have to read a lot of books and encyclopedia in order to understand words like ‘pulley’ which are not commonly seen in daily city life.



Grammar and Vocabulary


  • My relatives arrived at the restaurant in the evening.
  • The loudest explosion occurred on 24 August 1883 near the Fiji islands.
  • The toddler climbed out from her cot and fell. She wailed loudly for a long time.
  • Old Mr. Wong looked everywhere for his beloved poodle. He finally found it hiding behind the benches.
  • My little nephew loves making funny faces and looking at himself in the mirror.
  • Sally is an impatient girl. She will not wait for her friends to complete their work and often runs out to play on her own at the playground.
  • Janice and her classmates will visit the parks if it does not rain tomorrow.
  • I take my bucket and spade to the beach to build sandcastles.
  • A fortune teller predicts what our future will be like.
  • Mrs. Tan loves to see her garden flowers bloom during spring.
  • Joshua frowned when he did not receive any presents on his birthday.
  • The little birds in the nest chirped as they were hungry.
  • Bala uses a pulley to move the heavy load.
  • Mr. Lim is a butcher. He sells meat at the market.
  • Sally spotted a slug in the garden.
  • The cockatoo perched on a branch of the big shady tree.
  • My aunt bought some tomatoes to cook my favourite soup.
  • Siti loves to paint during Art lesson.
  • How much cereal would you like in your bowl?
  • On the way to the zoo, the children sang merrily in the bus.
  • Rachel and her friends are baking the cookies now.
  • I lost my purse. Brandon lent me some money.
  • Sarah’s book is with me. I will return it to her once I have finished reading it.
  • Mrs. Predo was ill but she refused to see the doctor.
  • Alvin is the taller of the twins.
  • Rahim doesn’t enjoy skating. He prefers cycling.
  • Where have you been the whole week?
  • The growl of the bear could be heard from a distance.
  • Mike left his bicycle leaning against a tree trunk.
  • “I…I… broke the vase,” stuttered my sister. She was afraid of being reprimanded by my father.



  • The doctor has decided to discharge Sarah as she had fully recovered from surgery.
  • Daniel developed blisters on his feet as he wore a pair of shoes that was too small for him.
  • John needed toothpaste and soap so he bought these toiletries from the supermarket.
  • Maggie started flipping the pages of a magazine as she sat quietly and waited at the clinic.
  • The gardener clipped Mrs. Wee’s overgrown hedge with a pair of shears.

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