Sample Passages of Primary 1 English Papers (2013)



Pupils need to read widely and watch cartoons and documentary films to broaden the vocabulary.  Many difficult words could be picked up, such as bulldozer, flamingos, telescope and so on. They need to be familiar with pronouns and its associated reflexive pronouns like they, him, herselves.



  • A zebra has black and white stripes on its body.
  • The worker used the bulldozer to push the soil into the well.
  • We saw many flamingos when we visited Jurong Bird Park last weekend.
  • John used the hoe to remove the weeds in his garden.
  • Melvin walks to school every day.
  • Bala is the tallest pupil in our class.
  • There isn’t any sugar in my Milo.
  • These red apples look delicious.
  • The thief hid under the table.


Vocabulary Cloze

Lucy is looking forward to her birthday party next month. She is preparing ten invitation cards on which she uses glitter to decorate. She draws a map in each card to show her friends where her house is located. She is excited to play games and swim in the pool with her friends on that special day.


Grammar Cloze

Kelly loves riding her bicycle. She cycles to the park every weekend with her brother. Sometimes, they will take their pet dog, Poppy, along. Poppy will wiggle its tail when it follows them to the park. Kelly and her brother protect themselves by wearing helmets and knee pads when they ride on their bicycles.


Word order

  • Have you ever been to a farm in Singapore?
  • Jane enjoys going to the market every week.
  • We had fund building sandcastles at the beach.




  • Everyone made such a fuss over the new puppy.
  • The fruit I bought was so huge that it could not fit into my bag.
  • The watermelon was really juicy so everyone enjoyed eating.
  • The elephant was grumpy so he stamped his foot hard and frowned.
  • The Monkey had a fright when the Lion suddenly roared out loud.
  • I need to use a telescope when I want to look up at the stars in the sky.
  • When my baby sister cried, my mother carried her.
  • The boat was crowded when it tipped over and Mr. Grumpy and all the animals fell into the water.
  • Mr. Grumpy ordered the dog not to tease the cat on the boat.


Grammar Cloze

When my baby sister first came home, I waited outside my home to be able to see her. I wanted to see what my baby looked like because I had not seen her yet. I did not quite get my wish because the moment my parents brought my baby sister from the car, she started to cry. She did not stop crying until I carried her.



  • An adult butterfly has six legs.
  • This bag belongs to me. It is mine.
  • Su Lin cried when she fell down the stairs.
  • May I have some honey on my pancake?
  • Who’s the one with the biggest balloon?
  • The cheetah can run faster than the rhinoceros.
  • Raj eats an egg for breakfast every Wednesday.

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